Who is behind the BibelCenter?

As already mentioned under What is the BibelCenter?,  the BibelCenter is a private and non-commercial internet portal with information about the Bible. The portal is provided by  Wolfgang Schneider who founded the BibelCenter website in the mid 1990ies and who has maintained it since that time and who is responsible as publisher and editor for its contents.

Wolfgang Schneider has been involved extensively now for more than 3 decades with Bible study. When he turned in his search during his student years to God and the Bible, he was at first active in some non-denominational groups.  Wolfgang Schneider graduated from a Bible College in  the USA in 1980 with a Bachelor of Theology degree, was ordained in 1981 to the Christian ministry in a non-demonational organisation and dedicated himself in particular to teaching responsibilities, aside from ministering to a congregation.

Since 1990 he does not belong to any particular group, church or denomination, but rather endeavours to study together with other Christians independantly and on a non-denominational basis and to communicate Biblical knowledge and information about the Bible. Since then he is involved in making his knowledge available to others, in particular via the  BibelCenter  internet portal.

The  BibelCenter is thus indepedant of and not affiliated with or responsible to any church, denomination, group or other type of institution.  It was also not initiated by any such group, nor is it supported or directed by any such organisation.


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