Can you become a member of the BibelCenter?

As has been already mentioned (cp. What is the BibelCenter? and Who is behind the BibelCenter?) , the BibelCenter is a solely private internet portal (website) which is not affiliated with, not dependant on and not responsible to any group, club, church or denomination. 

This means that one cannot become a member of the BibelCenter.

Christians, who like what is offered at the BibelCenter and who would like to participate on a voluntary basis in some form in the work involved with the BibelCenter, may do so after contacting the BibelCenter editor and discussing what the current possibilities and circumstances are for helping as a volunteer.

Persons who are interested in supporting the BibelCenter should contact the BibelCenter editor by e-Mail to in order to learn whether or not and how they perhaps could volunteer and be part of certain projects or other work involved with the BibelCenter.

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2009-10-15 10:40
Wolfgang Schneider

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