What is the BibelCenter?

The BibelCenter (German word for BibleCenter) is a purely private and non-commercial internet portal on a non-denominational basis with information of various kinds about the Bible and aspects of Christian life based on the Bible. 

The BibelCenter consists solely of the information offered on the BibelCenter website and its subdomains. The BibelCenter is not a Bible school, not a Bible college or institution with directors, a staff, teacher and students. The BibelCenter is not a corporation, not a club or other kind of institution, and is not part of such.

The BibelCenter as internet portal was founded in the mid 1990ies as a solely private project and has been developed and maintained as such. Founder and Editor of the BibelCenter is Mr. Wolfgang Schneider (cp. Who is behind the BibelCenter? ). Details concerning how to contact the BibelCenter are given on the  Imprint  and  Contact pages.

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Wolfgang Schneider

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